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The Smarta Way to Rent Homes Off-Campus

Still wasting time filling out applications and leases by hand?

Smarta brings your entire leasing process online. Secure your next home away from home in just 3 easy steps: Find a home you love, Apply to as many homes as you want with only one application, and Sign the lease to your next off-campus home completely online, any time you want.

There's never been a better way to rent as a college student.

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The Smarta Way to Talk to Landlords

Because playing phone tag and sending emails is just annoying.

There's a reason instant messaging is everyone's favorite way to communicate: it's fast, you can answer on your own time, and everything is saved in an orderly manner. We think searching for a home online just to go call or email somebody is a waste of time.

With Smarta, you can instant message your current landlord and even those of homes you're interest in renting. No more moving between apps and devices, just one place for all of your off-campus housing needs.

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The Smarta Way to Rent Includes Rewards

This marks the last time you aren't rewarded for renting off-campus.

When's the last time you were rewarded for renting? If your answer is "never," then we have some life-changing news for you.

Every month you visit the Smarta platform, you are automatically entered to win up to $750 worth of prizes including PS5s, Netflix subscriptions and more.

Free stuff for minimal effort? Well, you can't say we don't understand what college student renters want.

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Smarta is launching at 2 universities in July 2021. Be the first to know where!

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